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MACEDO, made up of twin sisters Melissa and Michelle, is a musical duo that puts so much thought into their creations. More than just songs to fill silence, each one tells a story.

Their new album titled Ghost Town follows a darker theme that addresses depression, loneliness, and the feeling of heartbreak. The songwriting pair put raw emotions into their lyrical pieces to create songs that listeners can relate to and find comfort in.

Continue reading to learn more about MACEDO from the sisters themselves.

So, MACEDO is a musical project between two twin sisters, Melissa and Michelle, and the name is actually your last name? That’s so unique! Can you tell me how you came to decision that you wanted to work together?
Yes! Macedo is our last name. We’ve always written together. Michelle started writing poetry when she was about 9 and we were both playing instruments at that point. Then, when we were about 11, we started writing songs together and singing. We would just do it for fun and as we developed more as songwriters, it came naturally. We would play each other ideas and give each other notes. When we separated for college, we would send each other songs for feedback. Then, after college, we knew it was what we both wanted to pursue, so we joined forces and never looked back!

How has working together changed your relationship over the years?
We are so deeply connected that sometimes we get ideas about a situation that the other one is in. So, Melissa will see me experiencing a relationship and she will get an idea about a song for it and because I am actually experiencing it, then we can finish it together. Michelle is really strong with lyrics and Melissa will add a melody to it, but it can be switched as well. We sort of go with the flow depending on the song. Every song is so different. Michelle does a lot of the lyric writing in general. We wrote the song “Sea of You” together based on a melody idea that Melissa had, then Michelle flushed out the lyrics, (and) added some melody onto the edits of it. You never know when inspiration is gonna strike! As sisters and as musicians, one of us will supply what the other one needs. When I (Michelle) was going through health problems, Melissa was my protector and comforter. When I (Michelle) go to Melissa with new lyrics or a melody, Melissa is a great harmonizer. Some other twin bands don’t like to focus on the fact that they are twins. That is just a part of who we are, our relationship is integral to our art. I think the change is in knowing the strengths that we each bring to the table and being able to work with that to the best of our ability. We are both very driven and ambitious people and love to be working all of the time so it definitely suits our personalities!

This isn’t exactly related to your music, but I was told about it and I have to ask! You were the leads in a James Franco film (“Blood Heist”), and made appearances in the Netflix show, GIRLBOSS?! What were those experiences like, and how did they come to be?
We are both actors, so we auditioned for the show and when I (Melissa) read the script, I just knew we were perfect for it. We play a fictional band on the show, Girlboss, which was a lot of fun! Acting is something that we’ve both just always known we wanted to do. We are both trained actors and have been pursuing it along with music our entire lives. We are equally actors and musicians. It’s another way to express ourselves and to really share our art with the world. We feel passionately about empowering young women, so we love to have that thread in our songs and it was serendipitous that GIRLBOSS is such an empowering and powerful show for women, it aligns perfectly with what we want to put out into the world!
‘Blood Heist’ with James Franco was filmed in Hamilton, Ohio over the summer. It was a lot of fun and we met so many amazing people on that set! It’s a very small town which was perfect for getting into the characters and their lifestyle. It was fun and at times emotionally challenging. We are so grateful to James for the experience. It was a true privilege to see him work as an artist. We had incredible castmates that really brought their A game, which was inspiring to be around. Also, every set or project is like a different little family, you get really close with everyone and you always keep that special experience with you.

From my point of view, it seems like you two do everything together. Do you have separate hobbies? What do you do in your time apart?
We are both incredibly different people with different tastes and styles. We don’t live together and we have separate interests and hobbies. We do projects apart but we spend most of our time together since we work together so much, we are also each other’s support system. For fun, Melissa reads Tarot Cards and Michelle loves to write poetry. We are both very busy so there isn’t that much time for hobbies. Melissa loves to bake and cook healthy alternatives of her favorite foods and Michelle loves to eat her food!

Your new album Ghost Town was released just days ago. Can you tell readers about it, and maybe a fun fact or two that others may not know?
Yes! We wrote most of these songs in 2016 and have been editing and tweaking ever since. We went through many versions of each song until we found exactly what we wanted to hear!

Personally, our favorite lyrics are from “Take Back the Night.” “Take Back the Night” is an important song about sexual assault. So many people experience it but there is so much shame and silence surrounding it that it’s not often talked about. It’s incredibly difficult to talk about, and we wanted to give people the courage to share their stories. We couldn’t get through the song without crying. We only did one take on the vocals for that one.

I have to say, I listened to Ghost Town , and “Supernatural” is my favorite track! It’s the album opener. Is there any reason for that, or did you feel it fell into place there?
Thank you so much! We love that track. It was arranged and produced by Ken Christianson. It really felt like the best way to begin the story of “Ghost Town”. The opening line of “Today has been a strange day” really lets us in on this story.

While we’re on the topic of track listing, is song placement a big thought process for you? With an album with a consistent theme like this one, it would seem like everything has it’s place.
Definitely, the flow of the album is very important and there was a lot of back and forth with our manager about the order of the songs. At the end of the day, it just felt like it flowed effortlessly in the order that it’s in. It’s also important to us to include variation so that the listener can really follow the story of each song since it is a conceptual album and all of the songs were written to be on the album together for a reason.

I read that one day you hope to combine your acting and music. What are you doing to make that happen? Is there any planning at the moment?
Right now, we are lucky enough to be working a lot as actors and we have been in a few projects where they have used our music or we play characters who are musicians. We are always looking for new ways to combine the two, but have yet to find a project that balances the two perfectly!

Are live shows a priority for you, or do you prefer the creating music portion of this work?
We love performing live, but creating the music and writing is where we really feel most comfortable. The creative process forces you to go inward and really make discoveries where as once it’s out in the world, the criticism (or positive feedback) comes. It’s nice to just spend time in the process of writing before everyone chimes in with opinions!

Are tour plans being made to support this new album?
Yes! Stay tuned on for announcements coming soon!

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