Pop punk band, Break Out Day, have a brand new EP out titled Echoes Of The Past, and have taken the time out of their day to tell us all about it! Listen to one of the songs on the EP, “One More Night,” below. After that, scroll right on down for an exclusive interview with the band!

Before we start, can you introduce yourselves?
Jason Weisbein: I’m Jason and I’m the lead guitarist and do backing vocals.
Andrew Weisbein: I’m Andrew and I’m the bassist and do some backing vocals as well.
Perry Dornbush: I’m Perry and I’m the drummer.
Brandon Wimberly: I’m Brandon and I’m the lead singer and rhythm guitarist in the band.

Now that we know a little bit about you, how did Break Out Day come about? What made starting a band interesting to you?
The band started when Andrew and Jason were in high school and they realized that they wanted to pursue music. It wasn’t just the music of their favorite bands that influenced them, it was also seeing how much fun those bands had on stage and with each other. Perry joined in May 2013 along with another member who was going to sing and play guitar in the band. Shortly after that, we recorded our first EP “The Nights That Made It,” which was released in September of that same year. As time went on after the release of that EP, we found ourselves in the situation of needing a new singer/guitarist. It took a long time, but once Perry recommended Brandon, a friend of his from Syracuse University, we were confident he was the right fit. Brandon moved to New York from his hometown in Wisconsin and officially joined the band in November 2016.

I read that you guys were heavily influenced by bands such as All Time Low, Fall Out Boy, and Simple Plan. What do you feel sets you apart from them musically?
The cool thing about those bands and a lot of bands in this genre is that many of them were influenced by one another. For example, Fall Out Boy was heavily influenced by blink-182 when they started, but you’d never mistake a blink song for a Fall Out Boy song. We started this band with the idea of taking what we liked most from each of our favorite bands and blending those elements together. Having Brandon and Perry take part in the writing process of the new EP opened up even more doors for us to explore because of their diverse musical background and it definitely shows through in the sound of the new songs.

Your new EP Echoes of the Past came out this past Friday and it features some very emotional songs. What would you say was the biggest inspiration behind the new EP?
“Deleted Imagery” and “One More Night” are heavier lyrically because they’re about relationships that ended due to unfortunate circumstances for a couple of us. We think the songs capture that emotional undertone really well. Another theme that Andrew and Jason wrote about was the desire for change and making life better for one’s self. This is what “The Party’s Over” is about and the chorus lyrics highlight the urgency and need to take control of your life in order to make it happen.

So, once you have the inspiration for a song how do you go about putting what you feel into words? Essentially, what is your song writing process?
Once we have the initial inspiration, we usually look to create an overarching theme for the song. A theme that we know the song will keep going back to or provide background for why certain lyrics or parts sound the way they do. One of us will present the finished or unfinished version of the song to the rest of the band and slowly start piecing it all together. This is how “The Party’s Over” was written. “Deleted Imagery” was nearly complete by the time Brandon showed us his demo of it. From there, we were able to all chip in ideas for parts and that song was finished rather quickly after that. Our process usually doesn’t unfold the same way every time, but we try to not let ourselves get overwhelmed or overthink anything. “One More Night” started as a bass riff that Andrew was playing and Perry joined in with that main, Red Hot Chili Peppers-inspired drum groove. From there, the song took shape musically and the lyrics eventually followed.

On the new EP, which would you consider your favorite song? Why?
Jason: It’s tough to choose a favorite because each song is significant in its own way, but I’m really proud of “One More Night” because it was the first song the four of us collaborated on from the beginning and we were able to achieve our goal in expanding our sound on it as well.
Perry: For me I’d have to say it’s “The Party’s Over” because it’s the first song I created my own drum parts for. Between the intricate hi-hat/ride bell groove in the verses and the fast double-bass kicks in the chorus, it’s a fun challenge to play live.
Andrew: For me I’d say “One More Night” because it started from a bass riff I had and grew overtime. I also like that it was the first song all four of us wrote together from the beginning and I also get to sing in this song too! Even though it’s only one line, it’s still exciting because I didn’t get to do any vocal tracking on our first EP, but Jason did.
Brandon: I have to go with “Deleted Imagery.” It’s a very personal song for me and one that I wrote most of prior to joining the band. I’m glad the other guys liked it enough to add it to our EP and I think they really helped me bring out the best in the song by making some adjustments to what I had originally.

Do you guys have any upcoming shows? If so, where are you guys the most excited to play?
We have several shows in April and May all over Brooklyn, Long Island, and, for the first time ever, Manhattan! The one we’re most excited for is our EP Release show on May 23rd at Arlene’s Grocery on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. We’re playing with bands we’ve been friends with for a while and it’ll be nice to have an official celebration for the new EP.

What major goals do you hope to achieve as Break Out Day?
We hope to keep growing as we write and perform music. We want to reach as many people as possible and hopefully it leads to new and exciting things.

Is there anything I skipped over that you would like to discuss?
Our second EP Echoes of the Past is available for listeners on every platform imaginable such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, Bandcamp, YouTube, and more. For all of the latest news regarding new music, shows, merchandise, etc. you can find that on our official website and our social media pages as well. You can find us on Facebook and you can follow us on Twitter and Instagram by looking for the handle @breakoutday (or clicking on these links).

Interview questions by Alondra Valencia.