Soulful indie pop artist James Quick is back at it with a brand new single titled “Bored in College.” Accompanying the track is a “sing along” video made up of clips of Quick’s friends recording themselves singing the song to make for a fun, lighthearted few minutes for viewers to relate and learn the track word for word. Continue reading to learn more about James Quick and how “Bored in College” came to be.

To begin, can you please introduce yourself and share your background in music?
My name is James Quick and I’ve always had an interest in music. I started on piano around seven and then picked up guitar in 7th grade. In high school, I joined my jazz band where I practiced every day at lunch with some friends. I started writing music when I was about 15, but never really felt comfortable singing until I got to college. There, I started recording and releasing music my freshman and sophomore years and dropped out my first week of junior year to pursue music full time.

You recently released your new single “Bored in College,” can you explain what the song is about and the meaning behind it?
The song is about me and a girl and talks about the build up through our relationship. The title comes from places we both were when we first met. I talk about the heartbreak I’ve felt and how it has made me vulnerable, while she seems underwhelmed by college and wants to experience more.

I read about how your personal college experience heavily influenced this track. Can you share more about what experiences, in particular, helped shape it?
The track actually isn’t about my college experience, but the girl in the song. Being bored in college came from wanting more in her day to day and just wanting to be in the real world. While I’m pursuing music full time and dropped out of school, we shared moments outside of the college world, so going back to school was underwhelming. It comes down to living your best life, and sometimes people feel like that can be hard to do while still in school.

What do you believe sets this single apart from songs you have released and been a part of in the past?
What makes this track special to me is the honesty and realness behind it. I’ve released love songs in the past, happy and sad, but this track isn’t necessarily happy or sad, but more just the truth behind what a relationship is from both sides.

So, the new “Bored in College” video is made of small clips of your friends singing along with your song. What sparked the idea to join all of the clips together to create the video?
We first had the idea of getting other artists to send clips of them singing short covers of the song, but then thought it’d be cool to just have everybody sing along. It adds a comedic aspect, which I love. The more we saw individual clips, we knew we needed to make a full video out of it.

You mentioned on Twitter both before the release and the day of, that you were extremely proud and excited for the release of this song. How did you feel after receiving such a positive response?
It’s absolutely amazing. Every artist has been at a point where they had a piece of art or work that they wanted to share with more people. So, having more people listen every day and respond positively is a dream come true. It’s important to remember where we started.

What is it about the style of the “sing along” video that you think compliments the meaning of the song?
To me, it shows the relatability of the song. Seeing the words come out of other people’s mouths, and their facial expressions help give every line more meaning. The more I think about it, the more I realize how the sing-along would really only work for this song.

How do you want someone to feel when they see the “Bored in College” video for the first time?
I’d like it to just brighten their mood. It puts a smile on my face every time I watch it because everyone in the video is just having a good time. Hopefully, it will make them want to learn the words, so they can sing along too.

Overall, what message do you want your listeners to get when they listen to this track?
Just to hopefully look at any relationship with an open mind. They all have ups and downs, but you need to be willing to give, change and learn from any relationship you go into. That’s why the lyrics have back and forth dialogues in them because it’s about discussing and communicating. But overall, I want the song to make you feel hopeful and understood.

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Interview questions by Alondra Valencia.