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Formerly known as Amanda Jones, soulful pop artist Dearly has introduced the world to her new style through her debut single “Get With You Alone.” Continue reading to learn more about Dearly and the future of this new musical pursuit.

Recently, you have rebranded yourself from Amanda Jones to Dearly. Would you be open to talking about that, and sharing why?
Basically, I outgrew my old music/ project and wanted a fresh start. I felt like I couldn’t be myself anymore, and needed to rebrand to really do my new music justice.

Do you feel like the name change is basically starting your career from scratch? If so, do you see that as a challenge for an exciting new start?
100% – it’s terrifying and exciting. Starting my career over again is scary, but this whole transition feels so right and true to myself. It’s a challenge in some aspects, but I see a clearer vision for this project and really know how I want this new direction to go.

Your new single “Get With You Alone” is an indie-pop track that happens to be your very first release as Dearly. How do you hope people will perceive the song?
I hope people love the vibe and really connect with the lyrics! I feel like this track tells a story/ you can feel more when you hear it vs my old music, so I’m really excited for everyone to hear it.

How do you feel it will define you as an artist from here on out?
I think that being Dearly now really gives me a chance to do and be everything I wanted to in the past, but felt as though I couldn’t because I put myself in a bubble. In a sense I had a filter over everything I did and all the music I would release, and that filter is gone now.

Is the visual side of your work important to you, or is your goal more-so to make people feel a certain way and attach to the music alone without the assistance of an “aesthetic?”
The visual side is SO IMPORTANT TO ME! I think the visuals and music tie hand in hand, and I want to create a total experience with this project for people that follow me and listen to my music.

Is a music video being planned for “Get With You Alone?”
Yes! It’s filmed and coming very soon. I’m really happy with how it turned out and think it really fits me as an artist.

Are live shows something you plan to pursue with this project?
Absolutely! I’m getting my live show together right now – I stopped performing until I got this rebrand together/ launched, but hopefully will be playing shows again soon.

What are you currently working on? Is there anything coming up that you’re excited to share?
I’m working on new music/ visuals and hope to be constantly releasing over the next few months. Stay tuned!

Is there anything I missed that you would like to discuss?
Thank you for the interview! Follow me on socials @itsdearly, and save “Get With You Alone” on Spotify.

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